Simon Rowland
Seminars and Culture in Toronto.

If you're into meeting technology entrepreneurs or listening to people talk, or occasionally participating in art and culture, then I hope this helps you to keep your calender stocked!

Simon Rowland's personal projects and startups.

Personal Faves

 Now Magazine Link 
  Check the Community Events listings, or watch for shifting gallery portfolios, music, and theatre.
 Toronto Technology Business Network's Event Links Link 
  A giant list of organizations who host events in the technology scene.
 International Relations Society Event Mailing List Link 
  A flood of fascinating and well-attended lectures.

Random Organizations with Events:

 Green Drinks Link 
  Career environmentalists getting together.

Listings with Some Free Concerts:

 Wholenote Magazine's Concert Listing Link 
 Glenn Gould Studio Schedule Link 
  At CBC Headquarters on Front Street.
 U of T Faculty of Music Events Listing Link 

Other Good Concerts:

 Tafelmusik Link 
  These guys are fantastic.
 TSOundcheck Link 
  Practically free tickets to the TSO if you're still under thirty.
 Canadian Opera Company Link 
  Also has cheap tickets if you happen to be under thirty.
 Esprit Orchestra Link 
  Devoted to contemporary and new music.

Lectures at the University of Toronto:

 Another U of T Events List Link 
 Rotman Business School Events Link 
 U of T Economics Department Speaker Events Link 
 Environmental Studies Public Seminars Link 
 Random Alumni Events Link 
 Psychology Lectures at U of T Link 
 The Bulletin's Event Listing Link 
  This is a huge list of seminars and colloquia. If you like listening to people talk, you're set.

Art Events

 U of T Art Center Link Link 
 Interaccess Techno-Art Gallery Link 
  Find "Local Events" on the pulldown menu for the local technology-creativity art scene.

Still More Events

 Taking It Global's Canada Events Listing Link 
 Knowledge Media Design Institute Link 

Getting Exercise

 Alpine Club of Canada Toronto Events Link 
 Toronto Bicycling Network Events Link 

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